Barns of Michigan

This is a preview of a personal project I’ve started in to shoot old farm houses and barns. The area where I grew up used to be completely farm land about 100 years ago. Some of the smaller farms are still in operation, but almost all of the families decided that the money they’d get from selling the land is more than the money they’d from continuing to sell crops. 

However, quite often the original plots of land still have the barn and house that ran the old farm. These buildings wont be here for much longer; the barns especially have fallen into complete disrepair. I wanted to capture these rustic buildings with black and white film to show them in a new light.

And since imposing limitations is a great way to get creative, this series will only be shot on black and white film using the Mamiya C330. And, since extra lenses aren’t exactly cheap, I’ll be mostly using the 80mm f/2.8.

You can follow my progress over on the blog or on my instagram.